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What is Flaave?

Combining the powers of Aave + Flashstake protocols, Flaave allows you to lock in lending fees for up to two years and earn the entire yield upfront.

Can I Withdraw Early?

Yes, you can withdraw your principal at any time by simply burning fTokens. The amount you must burn reduces block-per-block until it reaches zero when your initial lending duration ends.

We are currently working on solutions to improve fToken liquidity.

How Do I Get fTokens?

To get fTokens, you must buy them off the open market or mint fTokens using the “Advanced” mode on the dapp by clicking the gear icon.

What are the Risks of Flaave?

There are currently two primary identified risks of utilizing Flaave.

  1. Exploit found within the Aave protocol.
  2. Exploit found within the Flashstake protocol.

In addition to two public audits, Flashstake performed many months and rounds of Testnet Security Competitions before launching on mainnet.

There is an active bounty of 3M tokens for anyone who finds active exploits in the protocol.

Where Does the Yield Come From?

100% of all Flaave yield comes from the Aave v2 protocol on the Ethereum mainnet.